Saturday, December 18

Christ the Crazy Liberal.

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Jesus Is a Liberal Democrat
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Colbert at his best.


Anonymous said...

Hi Katy,
I've been lurking for awhile but decided to leave a comment now. I know that the video was meant in jest but I absolutely agree with Colbert's last few lines that we have to admit that society as a whole don't want to obey Christ's commands to help the poor because we are collectively too selfish to do so.

By the way, I like very much the painting that you are using as your header.

The Bug said...

Oh excellent - thanks for posting this. I had seen it floating around, but hadn't bothered to watch it. Love that Colbert, but didn't think I'd ever be convicted by him!

Katy said...

Welcome lgsquirrel, glad to know you are reading.

Cobert's last few lines are the ones that I am really greatful for. Its so easy for me to be selfish. I needed to hear that.

Iota said...

Very good.