Monday, May 23

I have a nasty habit....

I have a nasty habit of cramming an entire life span of things to do into a short period of time, eventually abandoning everything on my to-do list and crawling up into a ball on my couch underneath my comforter.

I think that is why I picked the last Sunday in May to move. If anyone has a school age child or knows a school aged child - you will understand that in the month of May is especially crammed with activities. For well over a month it seems as though my life has been driving Alex to one MUST attend event after another. However, my old lease official ends on May 31 and just to give myself a bit of breathing space we leave for Walt Disney World on June 2 (happy birthday to me!) so in my defense I don't have much choice.

Aside from packing and playing warden to a still grounded Alex I have been enjoying all those fun things that come with moving like making sure the new apartment has electricity.When I called my energy provider today I simply wanted to transfer my electric account from my soon to be old apartment to my soon to be new apartment. Only "Ultra Green Energy Company" (which was recently purchased by "Corporate Energy Giant") is in the middle of a systems upgrade and their friendly customer service representative (CSR) informed me that while they can disconnect the old apartment electricity on May 29, the earliest they would be able to connect the electricity at my new apartment would be June 2.

This news lead to the following discussion:

Me: Seriously? That sounds dumb. I’m going to be in the same address, I’m just moving to another unit.
CSR: Well, Monday is a holiday.
Me: So? What are Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday?
CSR: Uh?
Me: Never mind. I don't want to transfer my service anymore. Just disconnect my service on May 29 and I will get a new electric provider.
CSR: Well, let me tell you about our very competitive rates.
Me: I don’t really care about your rates. I can’t live in an apartment without electricity for 4 days.

Now I am all signed up with "Wind Energy Company" who is going to connect my electricity on Friday, May 27 because their technicians don't do connection work on weekends or holidays. Thank God for the deregulation of the energy industry. I'm so impressed by the wonderful costumer service all of these privately owned businesses are forced to provide to consumers so that they can be competitive in the marketplace.

Seriously, I just want to go to Walt Disney World so I can sit in the darkened theater of the O'Canada attraction and sing-a-long to this great song while Alex dies of embarrassment....


Anonymous said...

I am a Canadaphile but I have to say that this song had the hairs on the back of my neck standing. I guess it was too Disney sweet for me. But may I ask what is your link with Canada?

Katy said...

I have no link with Canada really. I did grow up reading the Anne of Green Gables series so that is something.

I don't know. I guess because I live in a swamp, the idea that you can live in a place where you can walk outside and not be hit with a blanket of humidity and oppressive heat; a place that has a landscape is just nice to think about. And the free health care thing...

And that song gets stuck in my head and its fun to sing at the off tune at the top of my lungs because it drives my daughter nuts.

The Bug said...

I am constantly amazed by the LACK of customer service we get these days. It's just sad sometimes. I'm glad the new company is working for you though :)

Good luck with the move. When is Alex ungrounded? Hopefully before Disney!