Wednesday, May 25

Is it Genetic?

To precisely answer the question of when Alex will be ungrounded - because it feels like she has been grounded since the dawn of time - I would have to explain why she is grounded and I promised her I would stop telling to people about it. Let's just say that the timeline of her grounding depends on her. She has the power to either be ungrounded at the end of this month or at the end of next month and at the rate she is going, I'm thinking it will be another month.

I used to date a guy who in a previous life was an unknown Greek philosopher. Although that may sound fascinating, and it was for 30 seconds, I'm here to testify that one rhetorical genius in a relationship is too many. He was very good at thinking, but had a very difficult time doing, especially when that doing involved maintaining gainful employment. That wouldn't be so bad if I had a large trust fund or didn't give birth to his child because honestly - who wants to be involved in doing when you could just be thinking?

Alex, like her father, does all sorts of thinking. If there is something you need someone to think about, if you need to think about something meaningless but you can't because you are all wrapped up in doing something productive, Alex is your go-to-guy. If there is an activity that takes up an inordinate amount of time and yet has absolutely no bearing on her future ability to go to college or hold down a job that pays money, she is on it like white on rice. 
I think, because he isn't around, people don't appreciate just how much Alex is like her father. For starters she has his eyes - and lord that man has gorgeous eyes. She has his adorable freckles and honestly - if they ever stand next to each other - they look like twins. Its like instead of making a brand new person, God he just put my hair on her father's head and called it a day.

So being like her dad is not all negatives, but on this one trait, on this do nothing trait, I'm honestly wondering how genetically ingrained that is and what the heck I can do to change it. Her dad did eventually come around. I just want Alex to come around before she turns 26 and has to join the military in order to avoid homelessness.


The Bug said...

Maybe she'll grow up to be a politician :)

Katy said...

I think you are onto something.

You know with the huge debt our state is faceing and our crumbling public school systems... earlier this week our state legislature found time to have a hoe down on the house floor and pass a piece of legislation that honors country swing music. :o)