Thursday, June 9

Day 1

On my birthday we left the house at the crake of dawn and headed to the most Magical Place on Earth.

When we arrived in Orlando we headed for our hotel, Disney's Contemporary Resort. The Contemporary was one of the two hotels that opened with the Magic Kingdom Park on October 1, 1971 so this year, as Walt Disney World celebrates its 40th, the Contemporary celebrates hers.

After check-in we caught the monorail to my favorite park, Epcot. Its no secret that Walt first concived E.P.C.O.T. not as a park, but as the Experomental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. It was Walt's dream to create the ultimate city of the future, but after his death it became clear that this particular dream just wasn't practical so it was left to the Disney Imagineers to figure out how to bring the spirit of Walt's dream to life. The Epcot of today is not a city, but a perminate World's Fair of sorts. Future World explores cutting edge technologies while the World Showcase celebrates the cultures of the eleven countries represented there.

We rode some of my favorite rides in Future World, including Spaceship Earth, Living With the Land and Journey Into Your Imagination. Above Alex is holding the famouse 18-story geodesic sphere that holds Spaceship Earth. Below are pictures of dragon fruite and a tomato tree taken inside the Epcot greenhouse as seen on the Living With the Land ride.

Then it was off to the World Showcase and a stop in Canada. We visited with the local shops and of course watched the movie, O'Canada staring Canadian Martin Short and featuring on of my favorite songs.

We toped off my birthday evening with a beer meal in Germany.

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The Bug said...

Looks like you're having fun. I wish I was there - really! Except I'd have to have a wheelchair after about an hour of walking, which would probaby cramp your style. Next year! Hah.

Happy birthday!!!