Sunday, June 12

Day 4

Alex and I ditched the rest of the group on day 4 and headed back to our favorite park - Epcot.

After riding some rides in Future World, we headed to the World Showcase, where we teamed up with Kim Possible to save the world from evil villains.

After reporting to an Agent Station you are given a Kimmunicator. This allows you to talk to Kim, her sidekick Ron, and their technical guy Wade. Here we are in Germany where the villain is using special salt on pretzels to control the minds of unsuspecting citizens.

And now meet Duffy the Bear. No, he's not a Disney character, but he has invaded the parks. You see, you buy the $30 bear and then you can buy all sorts of $20 costumes to dress him up in. I didn't buy one because, I don't need a $50 stuffed animal, but he is cute - and everywhere  - so I took a picture for prosperity.

Finally, before we left the park we stopped at Innovations. Innovations is meant to be that part of Future World that really lives up the the Epcot mantra of keeping up with the newest technologies so the space is a made up of interactive exhibits that are easily changed. Our favorite was the build your own roller coaster exhibit. You start with an introduction about how roller coasters work and then you get to step up to a computer and build your own virtual coaster. At the end you are strapped to the end of a robotic arm and you get to experience all the twist and turns of the track you created.

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The Bug said...

Wow - I'd probably make my self sick with the rollercoaster thing. I wouldn't be able to resist putting in all the loop-de-loops, but I wonder if I would have had the courage to "ride" it?