Sunday, November 27

First Sunday in Advent

Oh, Holy Mother, Divine Creator of All, we are your children, the sons and daughters of your flesh and your heart. Our very waiting for you in Advent is itself our confession.

We are waiting for you, Emmanuel, to remember your touch and the fragrance of your essence, we long for you; hear our call.

We are waiting for you, Messiah, while the proud are still powerful, the mighty are still exalted, and the hungry stand unheard at the door.

We are still waiting for your son Jesus, your incarnation in human form, because we have not known you in our siste; we have not loved you in our brother; we have not served you in our neighbor.

In this time of great meaning, in the stillness of Advent love and light, enlighten us with your presence. Draw back the veils that we might see, and harken the doors to open, that beauty and ecstasy may live in our homes and hearts more fully.

This is our hour of greatest need. Hear our deepest confession; heal us and make us new through the good tidings of your presence in our lives. Amen.


JWebb said...

Thanks for your Advent prayer, Katy. It's good to "hear your voice" . . . I've missed it.

The Bug said...

I love this - I'm going to read it again tonight as part of my advent observance.

Single and Sane said...

What a wonderful prayer for Advent!