Tuesday, May 20

Christal Skulls

So Sunday night Alex and I started watching this documentary on the Sci-fi Channel about the legend of the Christal Skulls (which coincidentally is the topic of the new Indian Jones movie). The researchers have looked into all sorts of different theories about where these skulls come from and what they REALLY are. Because of course, we all know they these are not just skulls that someone made out of Christal just to put on their bookshelves and look at.

First of all these are Mayan things. Meaning old. Anytime something really well done is found in an ancient civilization people always wonder "how did they do it?". We all know that its impossible to make anything perfect with out modern machines. And you also have to remember that these people weren't as smart as us so they couldn't have invented their own way of making the crystal they found (in river banks) so clear and smooth. No, they were GIVEN to the Mayans by aliens. Yes, that's right. Aliens whose own planet was being destroyed (al la Superman's Krypton) gave these skulls to the Mayans. We know this because if you look real close at them, the guy in the documentary can see images, some of which look like aliens. Oh, and by the way, that also explains crop circles. (Don't worry, I don't get it either.)

Apparently there are 13 of these things, but we only have 3 so we need to find the other 10. To do that the research team (lead by the grandson of the women who had one skull and the grandson of the guy who helped her find that one) went to look for old temples where the missing skulls might be. It is at this point we learn that these things might have been a part of the city of Atlantis. Yes, Atlantis might have be the explanation for the Bermuda Triangle. (Are you following this?) And the skulls might have been brought to the Mayans for safe keeping after the city was swallowed by the ocean. Confused? I was. Apparently all we know about Atlantis is that it was "in the Atlantic" so why not off the cost of Bolivia? Why assume it was close to Greece where Plato recorded its existence? Plato could have known about the Americas. It isn't a TOTAL stretch.

At this point I'm waiting for these skulls to be blamed for the Kennedy assassination and the magic bullet. Sadly, it's 9:00 and time for Alex to go to bed. I guess I'll never get to find out what happens next.

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