Wednesday, July 16

Keep Yer Cool Challenge
Crunchy Chicken's summer challenge: Turn off your A/C.

This is my first summer in a place where I have total control over the thermostat. But this is Texas. Its hot. I didn't turn it off. I just turned it up. I don't want visions of a dead Gryffindor keeping me up at night. Honestly, 80 when I'm at work and 78 when I'm at home have worked great for me. Of course, I'll admit, that it really helps to be in an apartment with ceiling fans in every room. I will never again live without ceiling fans. They cool you off instantly.
I'll admit that the whole "keep yer cool" mode has not gone over well with everyone. My parents especially. They comment on how hot it is in my apartment. My dog must be on the verge of death. Alex will be lucky to survive. I admit, since the family gathering the other day where I caved and set the A/C at 70, I have been having second thoughts. Questioning my sanity. Is enduring the heat really worth it? I admit its more fun to curl up on the couch with a blanket than it is to sit at the table under a fan.
Then, this morning happened. I checked my mail. $60. You read that right. My electric bill was $60! I am NOT caving in to the A/C addicts of the world. I will not let them guilt trip me down to 70 again! I only paid $60 for electricity this month and my electricity isn't cheap. I decided to go with Green Mountain which is a company that invests in renewable resources like wind, thermal and even solar. I'm paying over 15 cents per kilowatt. My parents pay 13 cents per kilowatt. Their last bill was $400. They don't live in mansion. Just a very cold, very expensive 3 bedroom ranch. Considering the savings I think I can brave 4 more months of summer.

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