Monday, July 28

Freak Out!

I haven't posted in a while.

There is a whole lot of drama going on at work. This month they have been working on changing my job discription. That's fine, just don't fire me right now, but now I'm in a job I don't like more than the other one I didn't like. There is weird office tention that I know nothing about.

I guess to make it worse. I have been creating drama at home, by trying to make it all perfect and starting new projects left and right.

This weekend, as I was decoupaging a coffee table and then trying to figure out getting a sealant on it I had a light bulb moment. I have lost control. I'm like a manic person without the energy of the mania. I sat down last night and had a "come to Jesus" talk with my creative whims. "Look! I'm only 26. I have a whole life a head of me. Just because I think the table might look cool with pictures from our Disney trips doesn't mean it need to have those pictures right this minute." So this week will be about slowing down, breathing and just being.

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