Monday, July 28

Light bulb

So when you take this long to post- blog ideas build up.

Last week Arduous posted on her blog about when she new that she wanted to start changing things. It happend while she was watching the Coberlt Report.

I got to thinking about when I had my moment of decision. I started out slowly, I'm still moving slowly. The moment when I felt like my everyday choices meant something, and there was something that I could change came after reading a post by Plastic Fish. She was takeing a count of her plastic use for the month. She has been trying to get to zero plastic and that month she had a plastic seal from a bottle, a plastic do-hicky that was a part of something she had purchused (before she realized the do-hicky was there), and one other thing that escapes me at the moment.

Anyway, weeks before that I had started reading No Impact Man. He was in the process of turing off his electricity. Already not buying anything, not creating any trash, composting with worms in his apartment, not using any carbon dioxide burning transpertation, and more. He seemed super human. What he was doing was cool, I felt his obervations offered a lot of insight into how one should live, but I wasn't there. I'm not in a place where I can avoid driving or not throw anything away. I'm not bring a tub of worms into my apartment, and I'm not completely turning off my A/C in the Texas summer.

There was something simple about Plastic Fish though. She was looking at her world,and avoiding plastic. It seemed simple. I got up from my computer and went into the coffee bar at work to make my coffee. I picked up my styrophome cup and filled it with ice, used two creamers that come in little plastic packages, got my coffee and then picked up the pastic stirer. I think put the plastic lid on and then reached for the plastic straw that was wraped in plastic.

Wow. Not so easy.

So the next day used one creamer and instead of a stirer I stired with my straw.

I then went to bringing my own cup that has a lid. I don't use a straw and on most days I don't use creamer at all. (I admit that there are days where I can't take it and I use it because I'm treating myself. I figure that if I'm that low, that creamer in my coffee will make it seem better, I need it.)

So from there I started looking at my trash. Now I take the trash out once a week. Not really because its always full, but mostly because I don't have a tub of worms in my apartment and things do start to make their presents known.

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