Saturday, July 11

Soul Sucking

There is something really soul sucking about working for a large law firm. Somewhere between the crappy mundane work and having to listen to lawyers carry on about how hard their life is, you start to feel like you aren't in the real world any more. When you have to sit and listen to HR try to drill into your head the importance billable hours you know that you have been sucked into an alternate universe. You start looking around for Keanu Rives.

They don't understand why I don't want to work more overtime. Why do I leave on time everyday? Don't I care about getting a bonus? The truth is I would love a bonus. But not if it means staying late everyday. Not if it means coming in on weekends. Not if it means sacrificing what little time I have to spend with my daughter. Because at the end of the day, I'm just selfish. I don't care about how much money the firm isn't making because I'm not at work. I only care about living the best life I can with the people I care about. Sacrilege I know.

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