Friday, May 27

On the move with my books

Today I will be signing a new lease for my new apartment. Unit number 14. After Sunday's final move, I will have to climb a flight of stairs in order to enter my home. This is a development that Alex is very excited about. She has always been a big fan of stairs and the number 4.

While I don't want the headache of moving, I am looking forward to having a washer and dryer INSIDE my apartment. Also I'm tired of looking at boxes. My living room and bedroom are so full of boxes that I stopped packing a few days ago. This may sound wonderfully awesome, like the move is going to be a breeze because I'm so packed and ready to go, but actually... most of those boxes are just filled with books. My mom came over for two seconds the other day and demanded I give some books away. She was not impressed when I explained that I had already deposited three whole boxes at Half Price. "That's a start," I believe were her exact words.

Some people just don't appreciate the fact that there are books worth holding onto because you know that you will read them again, and that there are some books you must own multiple copies of because the story bound in hardback is a lot different than in paperback - trust me.


I am leaving work an hour early so I can meet the leasing office person and sign papers, give them a check that won't clear until Monday and get the new keys to my new apartment ... because she wants to leave work early. Leaving early today is probably very socially irresponsible of me because I am the only Admin in the legal department today (that's what they call secretaries now), but my boss isn't in the office so when I called to ask his permission he had no idea why he should not just say okay.

This is how I know that I am a fake secretary. If I were a real secretary, like all the other real secretaries I work with, I would not leave an hour early. If I were a real secretary, I would have a deep sense of morality and a strong work ethic and there is no way I would leave a bunch of lawyers unattended for an hour. God forbid they have to  un-jam the copier all by themselves.

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The Bug said...

I don't know about that "real secretary" business - although you are very correct that the attorneys shouldn't be left alone. But it's a POWER thing, not a loyalty thing. "I'm too important to leave early!" Ha - I definitely do NOT have any power issues here - I LOVE to leave early & my attorney will just have to take care of himself :)

Good luck with the move. I'm married to a historian - so I can't say very much about the books.