Monday, June 27

I Love...

* ... that when I complain to my sister, the yuppie lawyer, about the fact that this whole seminary/candidacy process is kicking my butt - everyday I am asked to jump through a previously unimagined hoop that simultaneously puts my job and sanity at risk - the yuppie lawyer just looks at me and says, "You asked these people to torture you. And you can't complain about spending a weekend with Ministers if you are going to become a Minister."

* ... that Alex's reaction to seeing Chicago the Musical live on stage this weekend was, "That was weird."

* ... that the long tough battle for marriage equality if finally over in New York State. "In New York alone – there are approximately 10,600 same-sex couples raising more than 21,000 kids. Marriage will not only help provide children some measure of legal security, it sends a strong message to them that their families are recognized, validated and valued by society." - Family Equity Council.

* ... that it is so hot here in the swamp I find my self drenched in sweat after two minutes of playing Rumi Cube outside and drinking wine.

* ... that my friend Leigh turned 96 - yes 96! - which gave us all an excuse to play Rumi Cube and drink wine outside in the swamp.

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The Bug said...

My dad's reaction to seeing Chicago at his local community theater was the same as Alex's :)

Yay to NY - I was pretty happy about that.

Happy birthday to your friend - that's quite an achievement!