Friday, June 24

"Oh, and one more thing..."

 This man. This wonderful man, Peter Falk, died yesterday afternoon. I just got off the phone with my sister. I had to call her as soon as I heard. Peter Falk and the characters his played, Sam Diamond in Murder by Death is one that jumps out at me, and of course, the role that will forever define his career, Colombo were a constent presence in my childhood. My mother loved to watch detective stores and Colombo was one of our favorites.

For years, he starred on TV as Lieutenant Columbo, the shabby detective whose apparent absentmindedness hid a razor-sharp brain.

He had this "awe shuks" way about him that always lulled his targets into believing they could pull the wool over his eye. The Lieutenant would arrive at the murder sceen in his old car and beat up trench coat, holding his smoldering cigar and simply ask, "What I don't understand is..." We always knew the case had been solved when we heard the words, "Oh, and one more thing..."

Peter had been ill for a number of years. My thoughts are with his close friends and family. I hope he is resting peacefully. There will be pulling out my copy of Murder by Death and heading to my sister's to watch the first three seasons of Colombo.

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