Wednesday, August 17

Summer Days...

Saturday was one of those perfect summer days. Where by the early evening you feel happy, tired, but at the same time refreshed. If that makes any sense. We had gone to the local science museum, seen exhibits of ancient Ukraine, dinosaur bones and fossils, and then gone for ice cream. One of those days where no one rolled their eyes at me, or at least not much, this is reality after all, and things just seemed easy.

It was one of the days that I wish mothering was solely made up of.

We got home and were sitting on the couch. I felt like we could be in one of those Country Time Lemonade commercials. Sticky with ice cream, smiling, colored in sepia tones.


Single and Sane said...

What a great way to spend a Saturday!

The Bug said...

Sounds great! Sadly, I do believe that the eye-rolling will persist even until adulthood (at least I know that I rolled MY eyes that long).